EGNightmare (egnightmare) wrote,

Went over to a friends for dinner and game night recently. It was fun. we played Apples to Apples, Outburst, and two other games whose names escape me at the moment. Then the games led to discussion. We had a great discussion on all kinds of topics. Then, as we were discussing really bad movies,a friend cringes as his wife says 'So Paul, in all the time I've known you, I've never seen you in a relationship. Are you afraid of commitment, or just haven't met the right woman, or what?" As hard as I tried to steer the conversation back to Grease 2, Bimbos from outer space, and the like, she kept digging. This led to me trying to navigate this minefield. I was doing okay until she asked me to define what I think love is. Ka-BOOM!!!!!! I think I not only hit the mine, but the resulting explosion set off about six others in the area. Suddenly all the women in the room were in the discussion, while every other guy was busy looking for toe jamb or other ways to not get involved as they were laughing at my stupidity. They were getting upset because I'm so cynical. I told them my cynicism was based on previous experience. I explained that right now is a time when I'm very happy being single. I told them what I like about it, and that perhaps in the future I may feel differently. This, naturally got twisted into me being afraid to love, treating women as objects, and not wanting them to have the right to vote. I sat there trying to find the leap in logic that had to be used to get that out of what I said, the delay only cemented their idea. I tried to get the other guys involved, but they told me I was on my own. So I did the only thing I could think of, switched the topic to the other guys and various screw ups they've made, which snowballed for them and took some heat off me, at least from the women.

Then I took a friend out for her birthday. We went bowling and I gave her a mix cd that I made for her, and some craft supplies she had been wanting. She seemed surprised I remembered her mentioning them. I drove her back to her place and asked if I could see her craft room. When she opened the door about 23 people tossed streamers and yelled 'Surprise!' The look on her face was priceless. Much fun and food lots and lots of AWESOME food. (Note to self, some of her friends are amazing cooks, hang out with them more)

She stopped over the next day to ask how I knew she always wanted a surprise party. I told her she mentioned it a couple years ago. She didn't remember it, so I reminded her of our conversation. She said she never figured I paid much attention to what she said. I told her she DID have a nice body, but I can multitask from time to time. I got hit for that.

  • wow

    It's been a while! Looks like there aren't many people here lately.

  • Yikes

    I know I am clueless on women, but THAT clueless? Might need to activate hermit mode.

  • The cruelest thing to give guys like you,... is hope.

    That quote always reminds me of college. Me asking a woman out has always been a special sort of painful, like getting a million paper cuts and…

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